Derek Turner was born in the farming community of Abbotsford in the beautiful province of British Columbia in Canada in 1983. Born to parents who were former teachers, he was taught proper English grammar and punctuation since he was very young. His love of Dr. Seuss books led to a love of rhymes. This directly led to his writing of rhyming greeting cards, and eventually his chapbooks of rhyming poetry.

Originally dismissing the arts, he went on to graduate from Simon Fraser University in the Business Administration degree program. In between his first summer job and returning back to class, he wrote his first novel – The Amazing Adventures of Victor Clarence – in 21 straight days. Due to copyright issues, his 65,000 word novel was never published. Two years later he completed his second novel – Planetary Police Force – an even more ambitious project that took 2 years from first idea to final edit.

Throughout his life he made greeting cards for family members. First using canned templates, and later using his own pictures and sayings. Eventually these simple cards led to rhyming poems within the greeting cards. After years of writing greeting card poems, and eventually writing an epic poem about his first Europe trip, he wrote a couple poems for a few major job related activities. Eventually his supportive coworkers at the world leading telecommunications company TELUS led the decision to write his first poetry book.

Derek is an avid golfer and skier, and enjoys playing indoor volleyball year round.
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